We want YOUR STORY in our media campaign. Are you “disabled enough” for NYS’ new criteria?

As many of you may know, Governor Cuomo’s team implemented new criteria for home care in the recent Health Budget Law. This change will dramatically restrict criteria, resulting in people either being denied home care services and being stuck in the community without care, or forced into an institution. The new requirement is that you must need AT LEAST “limited assistance with physical maneuvering” for MORE THAN 2 ADLs. The Dept. of Health is defining ADLs as ONLY these tasks: Bathing, hygiene, dressing, walking/locomotion, transferring on/off toilet, toilet use, eating, bed moving (i.e. turning in bed).

Many will be denied. This is a DRAMATIC change with horrifying implications. It is embarrassing and naive for New York State to think that the ramifications of these changes will be small and cost-effective.

Take our quiz HERE to find out if you will be eligible: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKaasE1BbUVe-HuLwUUV2CTBSUTEI_xS9PL-4I9hb-o9uG_g/viewform

Want to join the fight? Comfortable with your story on our social media, in press events, or other media materials?

Along with our legislative efforts, we are hoping to start a media campaign to share the stories and faces of real people that are going to be affected by these changes and would not be eligible.

If you are interested in being featured to share how these changes would impact you and your community, please either fill out the following form, or just email us directly at DNYADAPT@gmail.com

Even if you would still be eligible & currently use home care services, we welcome your comments. We want to show NYS the real people and faces that rely on these services to survive. 

Once our team reads through what you submit, we will contact you about writing something up for you to be a part of our campaign. Nothing will be posted until we touch base with you and confirm a press release form.

We hope to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “We want YOUR STORY in our media campaign. Are you “disabled enough” for NYS’ new criteria?

  1. Just advocating for myself and others to make sure our constitution don’t get rolled back by rich,large corporations,courts and government. They’re not my friends which I hate to say to the people who’s anti-truth.


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