Voter Engagement

The Downstate NY Chapter of ADAPT Voter Engagement Working Group is dedicated to expanding voter engagement by people with disabilities and increasing the progressive power of the disability community. 

Seven areas we are focusing on:

  1. Increasing the number of registered voters with disabilities
  2. Promoting a safe accessible voting environment for all voters with disabilities
  3. Increasing voters with disabilities’ knowledge about how voting impacts our daily lives
  4. Increasing voters with disabilities’ knowledge concerning candidates and their views and in the case of incumbents, their voting records, on issues especially important to people with disabilities
  5. Educating voters with disabilities’ concerning their rights with respect to voting, including what to do when those rights are violated
  6. Promoting the active engagement of voters with disabilities in the process of voting, including being poll workers, and interacting with local Boards of Elections, school districts, and villages
  7. Encouraging greater turnout by voters with disabilities at local, state and national elections.   

Interested in what you see here?

To join our Voter Engagement Working Group, fill out our membership form or send us an e-mail. Have any ideas on what the The Voter Engagement Working Group of the Downstate New York chapter of ADAPT could be doing in our pursuit of truly accessible voting for all? We would love for you to join us in this crusade.

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