Transportation Equity

New York State’s transportation systems are not designed with the disabled in mind. Continuing the original mission of ADAPT, our chapter’s goal is to make transportation accessible and better for people with disabilities.

Here’s what we are up against: 24% percent of New York City subway stations are fully wheelchair accessible. The Long Island Railroad only has 108 out of 124 accessible stations. Even worse, only 79 Metro-North Stations are accessible out of 124 stations total. On top of all of this, Paratransit systems like Access-A-Ride and Able Ride are notorious for bad service and late pick ups. The system needs to be reformed.

Our involvement looks like…

  1. Reaching out to political entities and attending local government meetings
  2. Advocating for laws to reflect the needs of the disabled
  3. Advocating for safety, accessibility, and affordability of public transportation
  4. Educating the public and consumers on the use of the transit system
  5. Taking legal action against systems that do not offer reasonable accommodations
  6. Protesting for our right to be able to navigate our community

Interested in what you see here?

To join our Transportation Equity working group, fill out our membership form or shoot us an e-mail. Have any ideas on what the Downstate NY chapter of ADAPT could be doing in our fight for an accessible system for all? We would love to hear from you.

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