Last week we had a very successful Twitter Storm — thank you to all of those that participated! On the anniversary of the closing of Willowbrook, we want to continue the conversation by hosting another Twitter Storm to urge members of the health committees to reevaluate a bill that may send many of us into institutions or in the community without care, and to remind the DOH to take our commentary seriously

This past week, DNY ADAPT released letters to each individual member of the NYS Health Committees to inform them of our concern regarding their new piece of legislation, and to request a meeting to discuss. We have already 3 confirmed meetings scheduled.

Context: We are very concerned about the new health budget law (S. 7506-B; A. 9506-B). Specifically, we are concerned that Section 365-a and Section 365-f of New York State’s Social Services Law, INCREASE eligibility criteria for home and community based services. The law would mandate that one needs help with physical maneuvering with 3 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), a stark difference from what is currently implemented. The DOH has the power to define which 3 ADLs they will count for eligibility— and looking at their proposed regulations, we remain gravely concerned. 

We want this bill to be repealed. If it does not, it will easier EASIER to get approved for nursing homes than it would be for home care. This is a violation of Olmstead in the making. We need to let the health committees know that this is a serious issue, and urge them to meet with our chapter.

Join our twitter storm! 

  • WHEN? On Sept 17th from 5:30PM-7PM we will be hosting a Twitter Storm. 
  • BELOW is information on WHO to tweet at and WHAT to say.
  • Want to hang out with us while you tweet? Join our open zoom room!! https://liu.zoom.us/j/94814213023?pwd=cXdqTG9YRklhTXYzMHRDMHVON2NQUT09 | Meeting ID: 948 1421 3023, Passcode: 648246, One tap mobile +16468769923,,94814213023#,,,,,,0#,,648246#

Who do we write to?

Cuomo: @NYGovCuomo | DOH: @HealthNYGov

  • NYS Assembly Health Committee
  • Chairman:@DickGottfried
  • @TomAbinanti
  • @JakeCAshby
  • @CharlesBarron12
  • @AMBichotte
  • @Byrne4NY
  • @Byrnes4Assembly
  • @cahill2012
  • @SteveCym
  • @GarbarinoforNY
  • @AileenMGunther
  • @AndrewHevesi
  • @EllenCJaffee
  • @RonTKIM
  • @AssemblymanDGM
  • @melissabackwood
  • @AmyPaulin
  • @LindaBRosenthal
  • @salka_john
  • @NaderJSayegh
  • @MichaelleSolage
  • @PhilSteck

  • NYS Senate Health Committee
  • Chairman: @NYSenatorRivera
  • @NYSenBenjamin
  • @SenatorBiaggi
  • @DavidCarlucci
  • @SenatorFunke
  • @senatorgallivan
  • @SenatorHelming
  • @bradhoylman
  • @toddkaminsky
  • @bettylittle
  • @SenatorOrtt
  • @SenatorRitchie
  • @JuliaCarmel__
  • @tobystavisky

Twitter Tips: 

  • Using #hashtags will group tweets together that are writing about similar things, so that when someone searches that specific hashtag, they’ll see your tweet. 
  • Using the @ symbol followed by a person’s username allows you to write specifically to an account, and they will be notified. 
  • Each time someone likes or retweets a tweet, the people tagged in it will get notified, so more likely they’ll see it. 
  • Character limit of 280 – be concise!
    • If you have more to say, create a thread and # them so people can follow your line of thought. 
  • Follow us! @DNY_ADAPT 

Sample Tweets: Character limit of 280. For “(INSERT TAGGED PERSON)” please copy the twitter handles from above.

The new Health Budget Law & S. 7506-B; A. 9506-B WILL INCREASE HOME CARE ELIGIBILITY to the point where more people will be accepted to nursing homes OVER home care. Olmstead MANDATES that our right to live in the community comes FIRST (INSERT TAGGED PERSON)

S. 7506-B; A. 9506-B Increasing home care eligibility WILL EXCLUDE MANY people from services that keep the disabled alive. YOU have the opportunity to repeal this. (INSERT TAGGED PERSON) On the anniversary of the closing of Willowbrook, DO THE RIGHT THING

(INSERT TAGGED PERSON) DNY ADAPT wants to meet with you. Have you read this before the press does? https://dnyadapt.com/2020/09/17/dny-adapts-official-commentary-to-nys-health-committees/

Today is the anniversary of the closing of Willowbrook. On October 1st the state wants to instate policy that will no longer make home care a go-to option, and we will NOT stay silent about it #SaveCDPA #OurHomesNotNursingHomes (INSERT TAGGED PERSON)

Proposed changes to #CDPA and #PCS services released by @HealthNYGov will give the state more power to judge whether we should be sent to institutions, and we will not stay silent about it on the anniversary of the closing of Willowbrook @NYGovCuomo

Dear @HealthNYGov, how deliberate is it that your proposed home care regulations make it easier for the disabled to get shoved into institutions at the same time @NYGovCuomo’s sent COVID patients there? #SaveCDPA #DisabilityRights

Just checkin in @HealthNYGov & @NYGovCuomo, whats the plan for when thousands of disabled NYers cant access home care bc of the eligibility changes? When it becomes easier for the state to say we are ‘unsafe’ living in the community or deny us… Open a new Willowbrook? #SaveCDPA

@DickGottfried and @NYSenatorRivera – Because of the home care eligibility changes signed in the most recent Health Budget Law, MANY disabled NYers will be DENIED life-saving care. Prepared to take responsibility? Prepared for the next public health crisis?

#NothingAboutUsWithoutUs – (INSERT TAGGED PEOPLE) WE NEED legislation that advocates for the spirit of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance, not something that makes it harder to get enrolled in services. Repeal S. 7506-B; A. 9506-B. Increasing eligibility criteria will kill our community

Hey @HealthNYGov, who was consulted when it was proposed that home care eligibility should be based solely on a short, arbitrary list of ADLs? Any actual disabled people that rely on these services to survive? #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

NYS Health Committees signing legislation that said needing help w/ THREE ADLS = eligibility for #CDPA is dangerous for our community. @DickGottfried @NYSenatorRivera, did you know it used to be ‘assistance w/ 1 task of daily living’? Make laws that give us access #SaveCDPA

@DickGottfried @NYSenatorRivera @NYGovCuomo @HealthNYGov Its APPALLING to make ppl physically deteriorate 2 eligible for home care. Repeal S. 7506-B; A. 9506-B or get ready for the next public health crisis when hundreds of NYers get denied home care

Or send a longer message by creating a thread (2+ tweets that are connected):

“NYS Health Committees @DickGottfried @NYSenatorRivera, you recently signed legislation changing eligibility for CDPA to needing help with ‘physical maneuvering’ for 3ADLs. This drastically changes criteria + will exclude many disabled people from home care. (1/2)

Please help advocate for legislature that mandates @HealthNYGov include Level 1 Care like cooking, shopping, housekeeping, etc. IN THEIR ADL LIST and REMOVE the mandate that ‘physical maneuvering’ of our bodies are the only valid form of assistance #SaveCDPA (2/2)”

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